Terms and Conditions

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to set high standards for playing conditions for all our customers including members, subscribers and pay and pay customers in relation to the use of the golf course, driving range, Ironside bar and all things incidental to the playing of golf.

Price List 
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The management may make, repeal and amend any byelaws it may consider necessary for the well being of The Pytchley Golf Lodge. Byelaws, repeals and amendments have effect until otherwise determined by the management.

Golf Lodge Property 
No person may take any property of The Pytchley Golf Lodge from the premises under any pretext whatever, or permit any property of The Pytchley Golf Lodge to be taken away, or damaged or destroy any property of The Pytchley Golf Lodge or permit it to be damaged or destroyed.

All Membership and 5 day Subscriptions run from 1st February to 31st January each year. The membership fee will cover your handicap registration with the EGU, thus the Pytchley Golf Lodge Ltd cannot offer a pro-rata rate at any other time during the year.

Opening of the Ironside Bar
The Ironside bar will be opened and closed at such hours as the management may from time to time determine and vary.

Permitted Hours
The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor are from 11am-11pm on weekdays and from 12 noon to 11pm on Sundays, and Good Friday. The hours of opening of The Ironside bar are determined by the management in accordance with the statutory provisions for the time being in force. The hours are arranged to take into account the opening of the premises as a whole.

Use of the Facilities 
The use of the golf course, driving range, practice areas and the Ironside bar is at the discretion of the management. If in the reasonable opinion of the management, any persons is behaving in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or property, or is otherwise behaving in an unbefitting manner, the management may ask such persons to leave the course, range, bar or premises. The management reserves the right to withdraw any subscription or membership in such circumstances and without refund. The management also reserve the right to refuse any application for membership or subscription. In such circumstance the management decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.

5 Day Subscriptions and Bank Holidays 
All 5-day golfers should be aware that their subscriptions are not valid on bank holidays. On these days the green fees are charged at the same rate as for weekends, as applies to all players.

No paper, notice or placard, written or printed, may be exhibited, put anywhere inside or outside the premises, or in any way brought to the notice of members or other customers without the sanction of the management.

Payment of Expenses 
All members and other customers must pay all expense they incur on their own behalf, or for guests, in the bar on ordering or on the course when checking in. No tabs or running accounts are permitted.

Rules of Golf 
The rules of golf the game of golf as adopted from time to time by The Royal Ancient and Modern Club of St. Andrews, except insofar as the are modified by the byelaws of The Pytchley Golf Lodge Ltd, must be observed. (The Pytchley Golf Lodge Rules and Regulations are displayed separately)

Every member, member’s guest or pay and play customer admitted to play on the course is bound by and must submit to these rules and regulations. A list of course etiquette is also available and must be adhered to.

Buggy Hire 
Players using the buggy must adhere to the Safety Policy which can be found here. A copy is also available in the buggy at all times. 

All complaints must be made in writing to the management, whose decision is final. In NO instance may any member of The Pytchley Golf Lodge staff be reprimanded directly by a member, member’s guest or a pay and play customer, neither may any member, member’s guest or pay and play customer reprimand directly another player.

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