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Update Sun 22nd March

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22 March 2020

New Rules for re-opening during coronavirus pandemic

We are aiming to keep both our driving range and course open whilst we are still able to do so. We would love to see you and provide a safe, open space you can come to play golf, see friends at a distance and get some fresh air. We have put the following measures in place and we must insist that customers follow them for their own safety and others. 


Contactless payments only, please ask for a scorecard if you would like one. 

Tee times will be set at 15 min intervals instead of the usual 10 min. 

Flag sticks removed. Bunker rakes removed - be considerate and use your feet. Ball washers not in use. Hole cups are at a shallow depth to limit contact with the hole edge.

Current opening hours are 9am-6pm due to staff availability, we will be reviewing this daily.

Players are advised not to share equipment including clubs, balls, tees etc. Stick to social distancing guidelines - 2 metres apart. Refrain from the usual etiquette of handshakes/honours etc. 

Driving Range:

ONE player per bay, max 2. 

One parent + one child only per bay. We have children's clubs available to borrow but they are limited to one per child. 

NO GROUPS or sharing of clubs/bays - you will be asked to separate and split up. 

Please provide your own change where possible. Change will be available from reception if not. 

You must wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER using the driving range.

MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING and please respect our staff when they do the same. It is for the safety of ourselves and others. 

If this is not adhered to, we will be unable to keep the driving range open so please consider your actions. 

Stay safe everyone and if you are unwell, please do not come in! Thank you all!