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Latest Update re: PGL and Coronavirus

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17 March 2020

Pytchley Golf Lodge


Dear Customers,

Following the briefing from Boris on Monday 16th March, we would like to announce that the golf course and driving range will remain open as normal. There will be restrictions within the bar, but for the time being, this will also remain open.

It is an extremely fluid situation and we are having to monitor it daily – updates will be given as and when necessary.


We really, really want to be here and we really, really want YOU to be here. Both the health and mental well-being of our staff and customers is vital to us.

We would like to reassure you that we are maintaining Very high standards of hygiene and cleaning high contact areas as often as possible.

We have provided hand sanitizer and soap for everyone to use –

please do not nick!

We are also rearranging the premises in order to minimize spread of infection and social contact – please do not move furniture or close doors that are propped open!

We are currently able to offer both hot and cold food, however, there will be a very restricted menu – please check the bar for details.


Our staff have been given extra guidelines and procedures to follow, please be respectful when they are serving you.


Changes will be made rapidly – we will do our best to keep you informed. Changes will be put on the website and Twitter – please check these before coming if you can. Or give us a ring!

Now, it’s your turn!

If you are going to join us here, we must ask you to do as you as told! Please follow the guidelines below:




  • When you enter the premises, WASH YOUR HANDS using the facilities provided.
  • If you are playing on the course or paying for food and drink, we ask that you pay via CONTACTLESS CARD ONLY.
  • If you are using the driving range, please provide your own change where possible.
  • After you have used the driving range, please put your basket back and WASH YOUR HANDS before leaving.
  • Following gov’t guidelines, we cannot allow high numbers of social gatherings. The bar has been reconfigured to accommodate this. However, if the weather is good – outside seating is more than available! (If not, bring a brolly!)

We can only keep going if we work together to minimize risk of infection. Please, please, please follow these rules!

We wish all of you well, be safe, wash your hands, be kind and if you can help anyone out, do.

With many thanks, PGL