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19 March 2020

Dear PGL customers,

First of all, I hope this finds you all safe and well. I hope you are adhering to the precautions and guidelines and advice that we are all receiving regarding social distancing, hand washing etc.! 

I'm writing to let you know that we are committed to staying open as long as we are able to – or until Boris tell us to close!

If you haven’t been here already, we have rearranged the bar to highlight social distancing but also still encouraging (healthy!) visiting. The sofas, soft chairs and bar stools have been removed and replaced with larger tables and limited seating. We have placed all items you would normally help yourselves to behind the bar, i.e. sauces/cutlery etc. and scorecards. Please ask, we can give you them. We have propped the doors open so you don’t need to touch them. The flags have been taken out of the greens to minimize contact – pin positions are shown in the front lobby (Front, Middle or Back).

The staff have been given strict instructions regarding their own health and hygiene and we are keeping checks on the hand wash/hand sanitizer supplies. They are both available for your use when you visit. Please don't nick them.

We would love to see you. If you are healthy and well, please do come and see us! Golf is an ideal opportunity to get outside, some fresh air, and socialise (at a safe distance) or have a nice quiet game by yourself! We have considered both the health and mental well-being of our customers and we would like to be here for you. Whilst we have supplies, our bar is open for hot and cold food (rolls and sandwiches) and to take away if you prefer. Jeanette has been baking her fabulous sausage rolls and homemade cakes so we are well stocked on the homemade goodies.

We know the kids are off school from Friday 20th March – we can be here for them too! Our grounds are open, they are welcome to use the driving range and practice areas. Use your common sense, they need to be supervised and kept a safe distance from people even if they are well behaved. Dan Ashcroft will be creating programmes and teaching tips for them to practice here and at home if you are having to isolate. We have kids golf clubs that you can borrow if you don’t have your own. They will be washed before every use but will be limited to 2. 



We MUST ask you to do your bit for us. If you are unwell, please stay at home and recover. Even if you are young and don’t consider yourself in a vulnerable category. We are trying to accommodate everyone here and many of our customers can fall into that bracket. Stay at home, and come in when you are fully well.

When you come in, PLEASE wash your hands before coming into the bar. Use contactless if you have it. We can still supply change for the driving range, but if you can bring your own, even better. Please don’t lean over the bar and respect the bar staff when they maintain their distance from you. We need them to stay healthy to stay open.

When you have finished on the course or driving range, PLEASE wash your hands afterwards even if you are leaving the premises. We cannot wash every basket after every use, so you must wash your hands after using them. Same for kids, wash wash wash wash wash your hands!


We are extremely grateful to see our customers, we appreciate every penny and we will try to stay open as long as we are allowed. If we have to close the bar, we will keep the course and range open until we are told not to. As everyone keeps saying, these are uncertain times and nobody really knows how long this will last.

With much love and appreciation, but in all seriousness – Wash your bloody hands and don’t come in if you shouldn’t, see you when we see you! 



Emily-Jane Brighton

General Manager & Club Secretary